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Once you register your school with hulaohana, you get 10% OFF discount coupon for most items valid for 1-year that you can use as many times as you want. There is no limitation for number of your order with this coupon.

To register your school with hulaohana, please send the requirements listed below to


    • School Name
    • School Website (if you have one)
    • E-mail address
    • Phone Number
    • Group shot(s) of your team (that will be posted on our site)
    • Comment for hulaohana (50 words max.)

- Any announcement/message from your school to prospective students! (50 words max.)

To update and keep your 1-year coupon active, you may send us a group shot of your team dressed in hulaohana products at least once a year!! This way, your 1-year coupon will be renewed automatically.

-Since this coupon is simply to support and encourage hula students all over the world, the coupon is not dedicated to retailers and general customers.
-Your school information will be also posed on our "Hula School Information” page, excluding group shot(s).
-Cannot be used with other discount coupons, bulk discount or hulaohana points.
-Some items may not be applicable for the discount.
-We are going to give you a school discount from the day we receive your school information and complete registration. If you want to get a school discount, please send all information before placing order.

-When does your halau have performance? Especially during busy season, delivery date may vary depending on a number of your order(s) and options which you have selected; however, we will always try very hard to meet your expectations. Please let us know your performance details including date before placing order.

Registered Schools:

Goodness people College
Aloha from Taiwan! Thanks to Hulaohana for providing beautiful and high quality products that we all love very much and gives us a chance to learn and perform hula dance eligantly. Also, the shipment and customer service are awesome. We are looking forward to purchasing more supplies from Hulaohana in the future.
Registered October 11th,2021

Heilani Polynesian School of Arts
Heilani Polynesian School of Arts is based in Brisbane, Australia and we specialise in preserving the Culture, Heritage and Arts of Polynesia.
We have been using Hula Ohana for many years and look forward to ordering more stunning costumes for our upcoming performances.
Registered October 6th,2021

Melelana Dance
Melelana Dance offers classes in Hula, Tahitian & Maori poi spinning. Private adult classes are available in our Silver Spring in-home studio or virtually. Group classes age 14+ are available through Montgomery County Department of Recreation. 55+ group Hula classes available through Holiday Park Senior Center.
Registered August 12th,2021

Korea Hawaii Hula Education Association(KoHHEA)
Aloha! We are educating Hawaii hula in Busan, South Korea. We are happy to wear pretty hulaohana clothes and dance beautiful Hawaiian hula. Mahalo!
Registered July 19th,2021

Aileen Hula 愛齡舞
We have been looking for hula costumes since our school launched. Hula Ohana has all the stuff we are looking for and it’s one stop to our solution! Dancing in these beautiful hula clothes brightens our day every day!
Registered July 16th,2021

Desert Stars Polynesia
Desert Stars Polynesia Hula and Tahitian Dance Troupe was founded in 2009 and is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The troupe performs at various events in Albuquerque and in cities in the State of New Mexico and surrounding areas.
Registered June 28th,2021

Hula From The Heart
We offer traditional Hawaiian dance lessons both kahiko and auana. Students will learn Hawaiian culture, history, and introduction to the language. Hula and performance is a great way to build self esteem, confidence, sisterhood promotes good posture and wellness.
Registered June 23rd,2021

Avalon Aloha Hula School/Amanda's Hula Studio
Our group loves the pa'u skirts that we ordered. We always receive wonderful comments on the vibrant colors. We appreciate the wonderful service, quality, and price. We look forward to ordering more over the years from you! Aloha and Mahalo!
Registered June 16th,2021

Ka La Kapu Polynesian Dance School
Mahalo for the beautiful regalia! Our dancers feel and look as beautiful as they dance.
Registered June 15th,2021

we love hula-ohana. mahalo
Registered May 24th,2021

Hui Kulia
Thank you, Hula Ohana, for your finery! Hui Kulia was formed to share the beauty and history of hula and all of its aspects - Oli, Mele, 'Auana, Kahiko, and Olelo - with everyone. We are located in Antioch, CA and welcome new students to join us.
Registered May 18th,2021

keumcheon high school
It is a team that studies the global environment and expresses it as a hula performance.
Registered April 19th,2021

SPOT beach club
Aloha!! It's so happy to find your product and good service!!
Registered March 8th,2021

Hoaloha Polynesian Dance Group of Michigan
We love Hula-Ohana products! Items accommodate our dancers different shapes and sizes. Your costumes are beautiful.
Registered March 10th, 2021

Prairie Trial Middle School
We are so grateful to have a chance to use your amazing garments in our production. Thanks for all you do to make beautiful clothes.
Registered October 5th,2021